Wednesday, November 5, 2008


so i would just like to let everyone know that I will officially be returning to the United States after my service here in Paraguay is over..I had some second thoughts when it appeared that McCain had a possibility of winning the White House, but now that an honest, intelligent, and caring human has won the election, I can once again be somewhat proud to be an American in a foreign country...WAHHOOOOO!!!!

p.s. sorry I haven´t updated in my blog in *gasp* 3 be honest, there hasn´t been too much news to report on.. I could probably sum up the majority of my last three months with a "general day in the life of..." because most of my days tend to go about the same way, with a few event exceptions, which include Birthday weekend, Miss Student pageant, Halloween, and the embassy election party last night... But the biggest obstacle in updating my blog would be my non-functioning computer, which seems to be on its way to recovery, and when it is working again i will try to give this blog thing the old college try... whatever that means.

hope all is well in the U.S. and I hope you all are all as excited as I am to see some changes taking place in the government! But I guess we will start to see what these changes will bring in the coming year...............I can´t believe it´s already November! I´ve been gone for more than 5 months!! that´s almost half a year...weirddddddddd! anywho, miss you ALL to death and hope to talk to you soon. And a HUGEEE thanks to everyone who is still sending me packages and letters, you have no idea how nice it is to recieve little peices of home when you are living in a place that is sooo completely different from what you know.

LOVE, Julie