Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Best of the World Wide Web

In these past 6 months I have had more than my share of free time. Some of it was spent mindlessly searching the internet. Ok, a lot of it. But here are some gems I found in the process. If you are bored, read on.

The song "Kandi" by One Eskimo. I usually don't like animated videos, but this one has a lot of meaning I think.

Playing for change is a movement that tries to bring peace and understanding through music, here is one of the songs they created by using musicians all over the world.
"stand by me"

"Where the Hell is Matt" is this kid Matt who dances all over the world with all different kinds of people, I'm not sure why... but it definitely is fun to watch.

a guilty pleasure video: "David after the dentist"

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Waiting on the final step!!

After the loss of my dental x-rays and a quite painful second visit to the dentist, I have sent them off once again and I hope they have already arrived safely, ensuring my medical clearance. Normally the dentist is not a painful experience, but this time they put this sharp piece of plastic in my mouth and told me to "Bite Down" even though my teeth were no where near the plastic piece and what they really meant to say was "jam this plastic thing into your gums to hold it still". Twice the xray machine moved when she stomped out of the room and took a picture of what could only be my brain, probably leading to tumors down the road. But I'm over it and glad that there actually seems to be an end in site to this recovery period!

One lovely silver lining to this whole experience is that I have had a lot of time to spend with my friends and family and I was able to be here for my cousins wedding and our family vacation to Myrtle Beach!!

here are some pictures :)

Counting Crows and Augustana in Concert at the House of Blues (Not pictured: Franti and Spearhead!)

Family at Margaritaville for dinner at Broadway on the Beach!!

Beautiful sunset outside of Greg Norman's restaurant at barefoot landing!

Chantel and I on the beach for the wedding!

The Beautiful wedding ceremony on the beach !!

Friday, August 7, 2009

One More Month??

It's looking like a month from tomorrow I could and SHOULD be in Paraguay!! Sooooo I definitely did not do everything I wanted to, but that is just how it is for me... When I have no obligations and all the free time in the world, I am the least productive. So that is a disappointment, but there is no reason to dwell. I have gotten a lot of research done for my thesis, made a few productive trips down to Blacksburg to really hammer out my thesis ideas, did some substantial work for the organization HELP Africa, reviewed some Guarani, worked out and strengthened my foot on my own and in physical therapy twice a week, but mostly I just hung out with friends and family and bummed around the house...

So I decided to make a list of things that I must do in this last month before I go back!! Things that I will be upset if not done! (I'm sorry if this isn't interesting, but it is actually necessary for me so I figured I would write it here).

- Finish proposals for both organizations willing to donate books to my library!
- Look into other international and national nonprofits that donate books
- Buy Spanish scrabble!!
- Figure out why 2 medical bills never got paid
- Talk to companies/stores that might be willing to donate backpacks for my mobile library project
- Explore PC network as a place to get books donated
- Get something for my host mom from Guarambare, Gudelia
- Get two hooks for my hammock --maybe hooks for others too? it's a good gift, so handy!
- Buy transition to democracy book for my thesis!
- Make a craft box to bring back with me

Maybe I should have a going away get together to make sure I see everyone before leaving!
Ok that's all for now. Even though I really want to go back to Paraguay, now I know how hard it is to be away from everyone and I think it's going to make that much harder to leave AGAIN! But I think I'll be happy having projects and feeling like a useful human being on this Earth.