Sunday, June 20, 2010


I never knew how many SPECTACULAR places there are to see in this tiny country of Paraguay. Just got back from the first half of a tourism workshop just outside a small town called Piribebuy and four hours of this workshop was just showing pictures of the numerous beautiful tourist attractions there are in the country to see. WOW. After a total of 18 months in this country, I had NO idea that these places existed, and you know why? Probably because the Paraguayan people themselves have no idea that these places exist. If you ask a Paraguayan, where is a cool spot to see in this area, they usually say something like, there is nothing to see around here... And then they'll say something about a cool dance club or something to go to, but they don't usually refer you to a scenic spot with natural beauty. Another reason why you don't hear about these places? Because the infrastructure isn't there to get to these places easily if you don't have a vehicle and mot paraguayans don't have a vehicle.

Needless to say, there are a lot of places I want to go within Paraguay before I leave this country, and I am hoping to have enough time (and enough foot-strength) to make it happen!

Here is one of the few beautiful sites in Paraguay that I have actually been to! Hoping to see much more in the next couple months :)

On a separate note, a little more depressing:

I am starting to really focus on getting my foot better because a year and 3 months after my surgery, I cannot accept the daily amount of pain that I have, no matter what the doctors say, I know that is shouldn't be THIS bad. My new theory: I have an injury to my peroneal tendon when I fell last March 2009. Why do I think this? First: I was complaining about ankle pain and this is the tendon that goes around the ankle bone and up to the calf. Second: Where is all my pain now? It is along that exact tendon that I never knew was called the peroneal tendon, and if I push hard on my calf (the continuation of that tendon) I can feel the pain down to my ankle. The reason that the doctors might have not discovered this? because they always take xrays and once I had a catscan, but I never had an MRI to show my tendons. I know I'm not a doctor, but I know enough to say that my tendons have never been examined like my bones and I think it's time to take a look and see what the heck is going on. So I'm going to call the doctor and see if he agrees, although I'm think they won't want to do it because it is expensive, but I'm preparing my argument because I think I've tolerated enough pain and it's time to start taking care of this darn foot. If not, I will probably just cut it off and attach a wooden stump, because it would work just the same and it would be less painful.

Friday, June 4, 2010

I've got the travel bug.

Yes, I am technically abroad already, but things are just a little too habitual these days for me and I need a change. See a new place. I mean, I have had 2 trips cancelled recently, one that was to Brazil (because of that stupid little boy) and another to Salto, Argentina (because of my stupid foot), so I think it's time one of these trips actually works out for me.

The good thing is that things have been really coming together in site. The library is getting organized, I'm planning for Ahecha (photography workshop for 8th graders) to begin the end of this month, still teaching English in the women's center and the elementary school. On top of that, we are planning a week long training for 5 or 6 of the new volunteers that are arriving this week to come to Altos in July for what they call long-field.

Tentative travel plans:

June: visit Pooja on her banana island, other volunteers I can visit before they leave in August??
July: No time to travel :(
August: Where is a good place to go when it's freezing? ... not sure. Argentina maybe?
September: fit in some in-paraguay travel? Chaco? visit other volunteers?
October: Right before a big trip
November: the states and the dominican republic
December: Right after a big trip
January: dare I tempt fate and try Brazil once more?
February - April: no travel allowed the last three month of service

After service travel?

More Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia? Sounds good to me!

Back in time for Rachel's wedding! Congratulations to the newly engaged, Will and Rachel!!!!!