Monday, October 26, 2009

Whether You Like it or Not...

I'm back in Paraguay!

You know that feeling when you think you are literally going to die before a major event takes place because THAT is how unlikely it seems? This has happened to me a lot... I thought I would die before I got my driver's license or before I went off to college. Paranoid? Maybe. But I think it's mostly that the particular event seems so spectacular that you think, "No, that could never happen to me!" Well it happened, and I'm still alive!

In some ways it seems like I was gone for a week and in other ways it seems like I have missed out on so much. Among Peace Corps volunteers, there has been a lot of fun events that I did not partake in. My friends have been to this amazing site called Villa Florida so many times that most are not going back this week for the Halloween party because they have been there done that. Me, on the other hand, have yet to venture to the amazing lands of Villa Florida and so I'm preparing my Halloween costume for my venture to the south of this little country!

In Altos, things have changed as well, no matter how similar it may appear to the foreign eye. Six months later the grocery store the Santa Maria has been renovated and actually looks like something besides a warehouse, my neighbor (who I didn't even know was pregnant before I left) has popped out a beautiful baby girl, my friend Adriana has left to work in Spain, the fiesta patronal and the san juan festival have come and gone and the location where I was GOING to do my library is now a pedagogical center for teachers from Altos, Loma Grande and Nueva Colombia.

Well, this Thursday I am organizing a meeting among some of the active members of the community to give me their input about the best alternative location for the library, how to raise funds for a librarian, and the kinds of books we should request from a few organizations who have expressed their willingness to send us books among other things. Hopefully we can get this project going here pretty quickly, we've all waited 6 months already!

<3 Julie