Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long-Field Training in Altos!

My sister G (training group) arrived in June and as part of their training 5 of the trainees came to visit me and stay with families in Altos for 5 days. They helped me with my English and Photography classes and with the library and meetings that we had with the library committee. Then we ended the week with two days of activities about civic education with kids from Pirayu the first day and Altos the second day. They are a great group of trainees and I know they will make great volunteers and I hope to work with them on other projects in the future!

Here are some pictures from the week!

These were pictures that we took after the photography class we did a mini-excursion to practice the techniques that we talked about in the class.

This picture was taken during the english class, the trainees prepared a fun memory game that the kids seemed to enjoy where they had to match the picture with the word in English.

The icebreaker that we did before starting the library committee meeting. What would your ideal library be like?

From the old train station in Pirayu. I still don't understand why they shut it down, I would sooo prefer traveling on train than on bus.

The plan for the "history and culture corner" drawn by the trainees. Awesome!!

We did activities about civic education with kids in the library.

Day trip to Atyra! Some of the group climbed up to the clock tower.

Sundial. I think it was 11:30 but the only part I understand is that my hands are close to the number

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